Right Hand Man

Right Hand Man is a special offering from the Executive Command Dynamics division of Strategy Resource International.  We make sure we keep portions of S.R.I. operating in friendly manners in local spheres.  We wouldn’t want some of our local business owners and leaders to miss out on the special way we do things.

The Owner’s Trusted Assistant.

You own the place or operation & it can sure mean a lot to you to have a capable agent that you know you can trust to supervise your people or interests on an as needed basis.

Right Hand Man is geared for smaller operations, from small to about 50 employees depending on the situation.

We can make your life easier and more rewarding.  When you add Troubleshooter, Guy Masterson, to your list of resources you’ve got a wide range of new options.

Your business entity is important to you and continued success or an increase in yield are significant priorities.  To add capability, extend your own personal capacities and build team trust you need the Right Hand Man.


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