Rifle Speak Business Consulting

We offer a very useful service for directors, managers & company owners who are knowledgeable about guns.

Rifle-Speak-LOGO-Plain-Blk-Wht-BLUE-SQUAREUsing language, concepts, diagrams & strategies generally applied to the vast field of firearm matters, we initiate visionary overlap – so that your organizational duties overlay, or piggyback, onto your more powerful focus and understanding of gun dynamics and physics.

While this service is awesome for gunsmiths, rifle manufacturers and shooting supply sales outfits – it is also very effective and a refreshing approach for all people who are running organizations or divisions of companies and who are firearm enthusiasts.  RSBC can be a true Godsend for managers who have background in Military or Law Enforcement service – though this is not necessary to engage this specialized service of Xcom Inc.

The company need not have any firearm related services.

Many persons in positions of authority have a strong sense of their freedom and their rights.  Even if you are in a country where your firearm rights are inappropriately limited, the language of this knowledge field may be applied to your organizational operating vision and strategic planning.  Rifle Speak Business Consulting (Trademark of Xcom Inc.) is very pleasant and brings new life and enthusiasm to areas of management duty that may be feeling like quite the grind.

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