Gold Key

There is one utmost understanding; one ultimate golden key to this area of working with Executive Command Dynamics.

The essential master key to leadership dynamics is often misidentified.

Some say the building of synergy is most important.  Often, the building of relationships or specifically, trust, is specified as the kingpin variable.  There are many componants to successful executive command and it is quite healthy for leaders and their organizations to bring management philosophy and dynamics analysis to the private study and to the meeting tables.  Even when source materials are somewhat off, the interst and care and self-reflective review is potent positive medicine.

The absolute, ultimate comprehension of Executive Command Dynamics we call Real Streamline.  This is the Gold Key.  This is why the domain for our ECD website is

The actuality of Real Streamline is before synergy.  Synergy is the power of teamwork.  It may be understood to be the combined pool of energy-power of the group and also as the dynamic potency that makes things go differently and with greater GLIDE (smoothness of successful operation) or greater connectivity to work purposes.

Real Streamline is before trust.

Trust is before synergy.  The development of higher trust factor always builds synergy.  Trying to elevate organizational synergy does not necessarily build trust.

In seeking efficiency, streamlining workflows is essential.  In causing efficiency, streamlining most everything is helpful from filing systems to the layout of cubicles, from delivery schedules to personnel policy.

Streamling we understand to mean, “Coordinating simplicity and smoothness of function.”

Real Streamling goes one giant step farther.  Wave is always ocean.  The physical physics that moves waves never splits the water apart; the forces roll the shapes yet the water field is intact throughout.  Real Streamlining connects aspects of work carry-out to the ocean that command flows in and itself is. 

Generally we think of streamlining in relative ways; we measure the simplification and increased smoothness against past scenarios and against other areas.  Truly rendered executive command possesses the ultimate dynamic of adherence to truth.  Real Streamlining sources in the integrated truth of good controlling power running though an organization and flows into each specific work aplication.

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