Human System Tranformation

There are two types of transformation:

1  Adjustments that are externally applied may cause a new conformation to take hold.  Chiropractors nudge the alignment of the skeleton towards correct form until it stays.

2  A system may transform from within itself by an internal assertion of its new form.  The caterpillar enters the cocoon and DNA works from within to bring out a butterfly.

Organizations have both skeletons and DNA.  Did you know that?  Pretty neat, huh?

The structural bones of an organization have several layers.  The greatest depth of these structural members is ordination.  Ordination is the pre-arrangement of life by God.  Companies either directly have destiny (a story of ordination) or they are destined to occur generally.  This is actually very simple to understand and the understanding, directly witnessed is much more simple than any thinking on such topics.  Simply put, the most abiding, durable structural strength of an organization is its purpose for existing.  This is where the waves root in the unmoving ocean.  When executive command stays connected with the greatest depth of bone, or the truly ordained service of the organization- great truth is kept infused in directives.  This is optimal.

We should be aware that there is ordination for many wild things.  God has left room for all sorts of plants and organizations to spring up; and they do.   They have right to life as life opportunity has been given to them, whether they be good or bad in nature and actions.

We must remember that while a caterpillar always comes through as a butterfly, some organizations morph weirdly towards an eerie demise.  They get corrupted and their powers are hijacked just as a virus may take over a cell’s production powers to reproduce itself and spread harm.

Many an executive has pondered the intent within their newly hatched policy.

Real Streamline give us a way to discern veracity of motive.  This is a precious commodity and the DNA of a company needs this wind in the sail to bloom out true to design.  Similarly, teenagers can come through the rugged transformations wrought by hormones and rampant growth if there is enough care, from within and/or without that they find their way and their shape.

This is the primary responsibility of executive officers and owners and upper management; to preserve, install, reboot when needed and maintain veracity of motive.  The powerful drive that converts the caterpillar to a butterfly is a pure compulsion designed in to nature.  The pure design of an organization of direct destiny has this same force acting within propelling structures and attitudes towards winged fulfillment of a precise perfection.  A perfect gorilla will still smell funny and make monkey faces and our perfect service organizations will have their unique oddities.

When planning change, ideally we will read the DNA of the organization.  It is in these deepest structural bones of the design of the true service purpose.  We should facilitate what the pure life force is pushing and cut back what is dying away.

Organizations often become plagued by wrong directives.  This is a most dangerous cancer.  When the board of directors does not know there is, “Right,” then they will go the wrong way soon enough.  Belief must accept veracity of motive as important to discern or the suits might as well spin a bottle.

Change in the true direction often happens slowly.  How often have we seen the hasty attitude bring frustration?  We must all be very aware of this.  However, when we are patiently ignoring the fact that the policy is wrongly built or being incorrectly applied, then we are ignorant and lazy.  It is a balance.  Many things can be changed quickly by a true adjustment that sends many healthy corrective ripples.

Only now, after many subtle contemplations on the dynamics of executive command and the nature of organizations, may we enter the sphere of addressing the direct, practical making of needed change.  We must be deep students of these unseen forces, vigilant and always scanning by the dolphin’s sonar to see what may be beneath the sand.

So how do we make the change in your organization that is needed?

We start by consulting about the current status and your perspective on the right directions…

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