Golden Rule Elephant

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

This is the golden rule.  It is also the key to customer service that makes an organization successful.

Elephants are big and hold their presence well in the fray and sway of everyday waves.  We like to see the Golden Rule anchored powerfully in the workday of employees, members & volunteers, in all types of operational entities that utilize human beings to get stuff accomplished.  Make the seat where you keep this timeless potency reigning heavy like an elephant.

The Golden Rule Elephant is a symbol we use here at Strategy Resource International; it means- we encourage the active use of policy to enforce correct behavior.

If you’re into the golden rule, but have it seated in the janitorial supply closet behind a jug of industrial degreaser, consider beefing up the seat.  We like elephant size.

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How employees are treated by one another and the protections and solutions offered by chain of command have a large effect on many aspects of operational function.  To maintain recommended levels of synergy, trust, self-motivation and mission-buy-in give your people the security of clear policy, welcome to apply it and just responses to appeals.  Attract better employees, lower turn-over and retraining and increase the intensity of interest in performance.  We’ll show you how.

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