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Change Agency

The Secret of Great Change Agency

The secret to success is to correctly classify each type of change agency to be engaged.  This is generally overlooked.

Change Agency – Type 1: Operational Performance Improvement

Change Agency – Type 2: Leadership Quality Improvement

Change Agency – Type 3: Culture Cultivation

The change agency strategic plan must account for how these three types are interfacing and how results will be measured across each type’s impact range

The Science and Art of Causing Buy-in

When it is relevant and possible, the greatest way to build long term success is to cause a corporate / company culture that possesses cultivated buy-in.

When many people at many levels are bought in – the momentum causes further buy-in.  This is an excellent cycle.  All types of change agency should consider this fact and the place to orient is by standard empathy to all employees.  Us against them cultures are very inefficient.

We have a special term, “WORKDAY RENOVATION.”  This term may be applied in several ways: to the individual’s experience of their workday, to the total personnel package (staff) or to any group within to the whole.

When change agency strategic planning keeps a clear eye on WORKDAY RENOVATION factors, change agency outcomes are strong.  Too often the metrics are set up without integrating personnel experience.

Xcom Offers a Variety of Career Development Training

Yes.  We work with individuals in addition to corporations and companies.  This maintains an edge that is extremely important.  We never loose sight of the perspective of employees at all levels.

As we all know, the workday is personal.  We feel it.  We live with the waves of harmony and disharmony.  We enjoy the good and suffer through the bad and we call it our job.

Sometimes is seems like coworkers don’t even bring their heads to meetings let alone their brains.  Did you know, when you leave your brain at home in the big jar of formaldehyde it saves shoe sole cause you’re eight pounds lighter?  Not always cost-effective, but sumptin’ to consider.

How Do We Over Come All Trends With Winning Change Agency?

Workday Renovation is what happens when Executive Command Dynamics Inc., of holdings firm, Strategy Resource International LLC goes to work on work.  We help you maximize how well your job works for you.  We help you adapt and grow to make more of your current employment situation or we will help direct you to other possibilities.  Remember, work is very basic to the nature of the creation of man.  If God is not blessing you through the work you do, something needs to change.  The best place to start your diagnostics is by checking the quality of your own dedication.  We can help you make a good evaluation on this point.

Many people stay in dead-end jobs because they choose to embody a dead-end attitude.  Life is full of unknown opportunities and the price of admission always includes a good attitude.

Yo, why you gotta talk about me like dat!

We also will help you address current challenges occurring in your work scenario.  Have a new manager that doesn’t seem to like your flavor?  You are a manager and your staff doesn’t respect your authority?  Been with the organization for umpteen years and don’t like the change in direction that came about more recently?

change agency - executive command dynamics inc - guy masterson the troubleshooter
How ‘ya feelin’ about your work zone these days?

There are ways to Renovate your Workday.  The concept of change agency is very useful to apply from the standpoint of change in an individual’s career and workday experience.  When leadership embrace the relevance of this – their planning is more powerful and unified.  Buy-in grows as the culture is cultivated.  Then, there is a strong, resilient basis that allows for greater excellence in strategic planning and tuning leadership vision for superior results.


change agency - executive command dynamics inc - guy masterson - colorado - new york

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