Levels of Engagement:

1  Open Door

Remaining available for continuing consultation with the person or group having authority

2  Key Player Contact

Direct interaction with chain of command to generate understanding / perspective or to aid in the implementation of directive adjustments.

Specific planning of interaction modes is essential to cause congruence of executive command changes or reinforcements and your personnel’s sense of the value and purposefulness of our work.

Your executives and managers need to have opportunity to establish a felt sense of the justice and wisdom behind changes that may affect the balances of their range of leadership.  It is important that goal or initiative adjustments not be sprung upon them at the same time as to employees in their charge.  We must make every effort to evoke trust by offering justice so that the tree of the organization is strengthened as much as may be possible given all aspects of the circumstance and personality types involved.

Concerns, especially, accurate- well seen operational concerns, should be met thoroughly in advance of general announcement of adjustments when possible.  Courtesies such as these go a long way and beyond this do convey real respect.  We should find ways to add honor to the organization by actions that tip scales in the right direction and resound with soundness.

3.  Full System

As needed at any levels of organizational tree.  Grass-roots induction of new or clarified purpose can widely effect work-performance, moral and lower turnover.

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