Guy Masterson

What do people say:

“Guy comes before your review highly recommended.  His attitude is solid and mature.  He adapts and finds solutions.  He is good to work with and doesn’t mind rolling up sleeves and grabbing a shovel when that’s what its going to take.”      -Steve

“If you were to ask anyone that worked with him, they would say he was a pleasure to work with.  In only 6 months Guy made an impact on the company…His never-ending determination to help people and help improve company policies will benefit any company that gives him a chance to help.”      -Gerome

“In regard to Mr. Guy Masterson, Field Agent, Troubleshooter; Having attended many seminars and classes conducted by Mr. Guy Masterson, I wish to indicate that I consider Mr. Masterson a professional and masterful speaker, trainer and counselor, as he exudes respect for all persons…Each individual –woman, man and child — is treated with respect and fairness.”    -Mary

“It is my feeling that Guy is a successful person.  I have over the years found his honesty to be life impacting.  Real people have values that point beyond this world.  Guy has ways that he is able to deal with everything from firefighting as a volunteer protecting the citizens in the area to teaching firearms in a responsible and respect worthy style to his many interactions with the work and lives of clients in his career as troubleshooter for Strategy Resource International.”       -Jon

“He is a good listener and adapts to his customer’s needs wonderfully…I have been very happy with all aspects of the services Guy provided, as well as the fact that it was a pleasure to work with him.  I can recommend him wholeheartedly for whatever endeavor he tackles.”    -Corinna

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Guy Masterson, Your Ally, The Troubleshooter

Born in Bologna, Italy to American parents living abroad in 1970.

Graduate of Lower Merion HS, Ardmore PA 1988: Student Council President, Captain of Varsity Basketball, Varsity Lacrosse, Cartoonist for school paper, Homecoming King.

Consultants often bring to the organizational circumstance being served other professional groups and individuals who’s talents experience, certifications and degrees may accomplish all that is needed.  Despite how great a school of higher education Brown University is, Mr. Masterson was surprised to thoroughly discover in his 2 1/2 years of enrollment that the knowledge he sought was not present.

Direct mentorship provided the solution and now you will find Guy to be a remarkable resource that is impossible to fully describe.  He helps hire to your organization or subcontracts any special qualifications necessary to fulfill objectives you coin.  The competence Mr. Masterson demonstrates in Vision-tune Management Consulting & Directive Troubleshooting is self-evidently world class.

Confidentiality of process is essential in Leadership Consultancy.  It is honor to clients that Guy is respectfully quiet about professional relationship details.

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Inspired professionalism requires an ability to hear fresh truth.  Guy’s experience in organizational optimization and leadership consultancy has produced a living resource that is here made available to you.  Your satisfaction comes about through direct experience of service proved through Xcom & the initial vetting process occurs by your witnessing the rare quality of these offerings as represented on this website and in first discussions with the Troubleshooter.

Guy’s Blurb:

Having received more blessings and good fortune than is reasonable, I have turned to the service of others.  It is my feeling that these lives can be quite challenging and that help along the way can make an endlessly meaningful effect.

I feel that it is from God, this special interest that is always burning brightly to assist people especially in areas where compassionately rooted help may be difficult to come-by.

This is called the, “Winmark,” and this the symbol of Strategy Resource International – parent company to Xcom Inc.  It is the mark of given work correctly completed.

A lot of people know what I mean when I say that my life found completion when I was 25 years old and so I’m still around with the interest in benefiting others towards fulfillment.  It can be quite difficult to find appropriate successful influence towards your victory as a director of many human beings and as a visionary leader of business entities that perform or do not as bottom lines and key indicators make so clear.

Best wishes!  Come on by my office & give the door a push – or send and email… churning transformational possibilities starts with circulation of necessity.  What needs to happen in the scenario under your watch?


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