Command Health

When we are in that board meeting and getting tired and bored…We need to remember that soon the executive command directives we are shaping or amending will be conveyed to a human being, who’s got to follow them.  In the bigger picture, soon enough, we will face the justice we do as everything comes back to the planter of the seed.

Many people take the golden rule to mean, “Be nice.”  While there is some correctness in this interpretation it is basically a miss.  “Do justice.”  This is much better.

How much justice is our command setup accomplishing?  Are the clients or end users getting a good deal.  Is the value real?  Is the acquisition process and follow-up working?  Are our employees sticking around and making contributions towards navigation of the future?

Command Health

Remarkably, no external gauge finally will do.  Most people, even organization leaders, don’t know this.  You will have to decide based on your own discernment that you are doing it right.  The final weighing is by merit.  Make the money bottom lines add up to serve the merit back-line.

Keep the cart trailing the horse.  The cart includes daily operations, profit posting, customer satisfaction ratings; the horse is the driving of the horse by veracity of motive in the fulfillment of the given service purpose.

Measure the horse by the horse as much as possible and let the cart follow.  Do we read the responsive swerving of the cart?  Do we adjust the speed of the horse due to information from clients?  Absolutely.  Yes we do and we must.  Still, as much as is possible and reasonable, know your purpose directly and how to run it and how to communicate truthful command to coordinate resources.

Often we are on the cart, feeling the bumps in the road.  Too often, leaders lead by the feeling of the reactions of the cart and not by the purpose that powers the motor.  The best indicator of command health is the coordination of the balance between driving the pure purpose and being responsive to circumstantial factors.

The wonderful thing about Real Streamlining, is that we have a way to read this balance where most business productivity adjuster groups must only rely on end-user data and this is part of the problem to begin with.  Think of it this way, when you get to know yourself as a person, you do a lot by heart.  The rational processes of the mind are bypassed due to intimate familiarity with what works for you.  This means knowing the heart.  Without this, we are trying to evaluate by every stretch of the mind and none of it will ever produce the answers that knowing the heart itself does.

Hmm. So what'd you think of all that? I'm mostly likin' these leaves, but it is pleasant background material.

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