Service & Productivity

It can be difficult to tell what is going on in a complex system.  When people are gathered in numbers to accomplish the purposes of an organization it is never simple.

How are all these members, employees or volunteers interacting.  Is productivity what it should be?  Is the body of the organization reacting against command directives in an unreasonable way?  There are many situations that arise that make discerning the dynamics essential.

Sometimes rust, or the human systems equivalent, makes a scenario difficult to penetrate with vision.

A clear picture on an area of operation can tell us a great amount.  How exactly to get that picture is worth figuring.  Your people can’t see from the top and are dependant on your interest in effectively shaping perspective from their vantage point.  We all need orientation and work performance sails when we know what we are doing and why and how we fit in the larger unit of purpose fulfillment called and organization.  In the trenches we are shoulder to shoulder and often get grumpy due to loss of vision and sense of relevance.

The person in the next cubicle might tap the keys on their computer key board too loud, and this doesn’t help either.  How much sense of the larger service that is being provided do your people in the nitty-gritty feel?  Authentic buy-in is golden; the synergy seal at the grass-roots level does many positive things for the whole.

In the extremities of operation, some wheels will be left out in the elements.  Remember, there is only one pool of life-power fuel for the entire entity.  Outpost employees need their due bit and the expansion of awareness and provision for all positions is an honor winning discipline.  The work benchmarks must be met and the human value goals are even slightly more important.  This is a key understanding.

Service makes the world go around.  Often, a service is the root and epitome of the calling of a person or organization.  When increase in profit is married to increase in service or quality of service all is well.  When growth yields beneficial results to customers and clients and organization is on a favorable heading.

When we pursue the fulfillment of service purposes, we gain in principle and positive attributes.  If profit motive is loosed from this container, the linings and supports and true designs of human systems melt down; gears begin to grind and essential traction upon the correct direction is lost.  For profit motive to remain in connection to service purpose, greed must be deliberately checked.  Before pushing the motor of your assets and resources harder to increase margins, carefully check these other measures of the fulfillment of the organizations’ supplied value.

To keep our wheels in tune we need to retain something pure where-from to take, again and again, the right pitch.  We tune our systems against our knowledge, feelings and vision of what is right and true and worthwhile.  When you tell your friend, “Sex sells,” you lose the game.  An organization must strive to be justified by the means even more than the ends.  This is a key understanding; reward follows merit.  It is possible to do it wrong and make it seem like the results show that good is being done.  Fool’s gold does not last; soon the picture comes clear.  This is one important reason why you should seek assistance in making the adjustments needed to tune your gears and wheel towards the right direction and ensure you are keeping a true source that will enable future corrections.

It is amazing what a few drops of real streamlining do for the running of the entire engine.  When we stay withing our service orientation, all the measures of productivity have inner light.

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