Actual Buy-in

When justice rolls down hill there will be buy-in.  In our current human predicament, this is to say, while we are enduring the frailties that come with mortality, we are quite desperate for decency.  Nothing fosters decency aside from the presence of justice.

The directors who send policy down that makes justice and does right to the grass-roots generate real buy-in.

There are so many hooey attempts these days to generate the sense of connection that building synergy requires.  We are frail yet we smell fraud well.  We blades of grass detest being played into acting the cheery cheese-ball.  Once a board has implemented colorful fluff in the name of making all low-on-the-totem-pole folks happy, we feel obliged to fake it.  Faked buy-in is a poor commodity.  Don’t force your workers to fake buy-in.

I can just barely stand it when they treat me wrong and expect me to love my work!

Leaders with poor communication skills determine that it is right and reasonable and perhaps wise (if there is such a thing) that employees be coerced to show company cheer as a sign of chain of command submission.  Such leaders know they are not liked or respected so they have nothing left but coercion.  People of free societies smell the tyrant in this tendency. 

The real answer is to utilize the opportunities of command to execute (enact) justice.  Real Streamline enables leaders to convey justice through directive and policy.  People think they need to be treated well; in fact, we need to be treated right.  The buy-in, the deep belief in the organization that is generated within heart and soul and mind of the grass-root that truly believes they have been treated right is powerful stuff indeed, don’t doubt it.

The patrons of a bread company taste this satisfaction in the bread; to think otherwise is ignorance.  The universe is quite bright though the alleyways of the city creep with shadow.  Look how dry-minded many business sectors run.  Deadness to the true principle of life makes more deadness no matter how it is rationalized.

When you make them fake buy-in, workers resent your authority.  If you treat them good they will admire you; if you do them justice they will keep the flame of love lit even to the extent of real respect.  This is the goal in your personnel policy.

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