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Form & Function

As architects know, form follows function, except when form creates new function.

Similarly – your company knows what its doing. And your company INERTIA will have you keep doing what you are doing. ARCH Inertia by Executive Command Dynamics Inc is the force that acts on your organizational STATUS QUO, to help you create new types and levels of function to maximize your vision fulfillment.

The F-22 Raptor fighter jet is amazing as pilots enthusiastically explain. How much does the engineering and design create function? And what portion of the form is flat dictated by the function?

Here, Let’s Look at a Building…

875 North Michigan Avenue, as was called “John Hancock Center,” or “Big John,” by local Chicagoans – is the tall building to the right with the tapering shape.
The tubular steel X-Bracing on Big John makes 875 North Michigan Ave a great example of the architectural classification of STRUCTURAL EXPRESSIONISM. Photo from Wiki Commons, by Joe Ravi, license CC-BY-SA 3.0

Big John’s X-Bracing is form following function that also creates new function. A skyscraper needs strength to mange wind-load. The tubular system devised by Mr Khan of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill answers a large portion of that engineering necessity; but it also does something more…

Iconic buildings can be created by several factors. In the instance of the Hancock Center, the Structural Expressionist feature of much of the prime strength being visible on the exterior, creates an abiding value. Additionally, an open-concept thrives in the interiors as space is opened up through the diminished need for internal column support. A nuance of the measurement specs of the X-Bracing also causes some inner spaces to feature higher ceilings. Local realtors can tell you how much this raises the cost of units in those spaces.

So, What Does ARCH Inertia Do?

ARCH Inertia, by Xcom Inc is a boutique service that can be difficult or impossible to engage, depending upon our schedule and your outfit’s vision fulfillment progression.

We provide consulting, training and support services to architectural and engineering practices.

ARCH Inertia serves corporations and companies by coordinating building projects to fit with strategic planning in leadership vision fulfillment. Often in the development of organizations, architecture plays an essential factor. When vision growth and architecture connect, the results impact performance.

ARCH Inertia

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