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You enjoy your job.  You are competent and significantly congruent in your leadership influence.  Now it is time to tune your vision and pick up some extra opportunities that are present on the bigger extended table of your operations… That’s where our management consulting advantages comes in.

The more experience you have with advisors, consultants, mentors and coaches – the more you will appreciate XCOM.  (Xcom Inc. is a tradename of Executive Command Dynamics Inc.®)

management consulting - executive command dynamics inc - guy masterson - xcom inc.The truth is you are smart, and this is not your first rodeo.  The right sparks at the right timings make operational engines hum.  The wrong sparks start fires that you are going to get stretched putting out.  When you get stretched the quality of your leadership wavers – and you don’t like wavering.  Do you?

XCOM Organizational Management Consulting & Troubleshooting gives you more than an edge.  Empowered vision, that can be communicated effectively and shared with essential team players, drives new growth, stability and healthy leadership extension.

Revive Your Perception of What Management Consulting Can Be

How effective is your current strategic planning?

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The degree of tune a vision holds is reflected in the accuracy and focus of the strategic plan.  Organizations should only do what is planned just like driving your car down the street – it should do what steering commands – not produce mysteries.

There is a poundage of duty in sharpening formalized strategy by vision-tune work (and I assure you my friend, it is work).  The results transformation justify the expenditure.

Confidentiality in Management Consulting and Coaching

Candid discussion necessitates serious confidentiality.  You can’t talk straight and freely with your hands tied by the knowledge that your words could come back to haunt and make damaging impact.  The truth is that not all data or discussion points should be loose to float around and the right confidentiality arrangement, set in our contract, provides the basis for the candor that accomplishes true change.

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As you know, there is much more to management consulting than confidentiality – the essential gain is in competent strategic exercise and the tracking of the action points that make objectives get fulfilled.  The consulting you bring helps assure your leadership legacy.  Wisdom is often accomplished by cultivation of the right advisors.  XCOM is an unexpected quantum factor.

Team-building & Management Consulting

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You may notice many ladder climbers around you.  Some are wonderful people who are earning a living, putting in their best and hoping for great promotion opportunities.  Others are money crazed, self-serving clones who will say anything to try to grasp higher pay.  And in between are many employees and subordinate leaders who can be mentoring into new platforms and perspectives.

How well is your culture being managed?  Very specific culture development goals must guide hiring activity.  The handling of performance evaluation systems must be keyed to objectives in the strategic plan.  More success means expanded coordination duties for your team – and the team development project takes much disciple to keep in focus.

Thank you for visiting our website.  When your are ready – put in the Management Consulting APPLICATION and we will talk turkey about possibilities.

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